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About the Pastor


I was introduced to God in Mexico when I was visiting a Baptist church at my mother’s request. That Sunday, the sermon was about the reality of Hell. The Holy Spirit convicted me about my sinfulness and the need I had for help. After talking to someone after the service, I learned that Jesus had come to save sinners. I prayed to God that morning asking for salvation, and my life was changed forever.

Before my salvation, I grew up in a house where God was not mentioned very frequently. My father, a lawyer, did not want us to get involved with religion. He thought that once we grew up, we would freely decide what we would like to do about it, with the hope that a good education would free us from the slavery of religion.

My father died when I was 12 years old. My mother was left alone to take care of us. She, as a person with diabetes, was afraid that she would also pass away and we would be left without any knowledge of God. At the age of 15, I was baptized, confirmed, and had my first communion in the Catholic Church.

I attended the Catholic Church for three years. Since my mother was not satisfied with our knowledge of God, she started looking for a church where the Bible was taught. We were invited to Iglesia Bautista Monte Abarim, the place where I heard the Gospel for the first time and received the gift of eternal life.

My life changed after that day. I myself wanted to know more about God and about the Bible. I was baptized a couple months later. I started attending all of the church’s activities. The church had a Bible institute, which I also joined.

College time came. I heard that there were Christian universities in the United States. With the encouragement of some people in the church and God’s provision, I attended Bob Jones University for a year and a half. It was there where I met my partner for life, Julie.

I had to go back to Mexico for economic reasons. Two years later, I returned to the States and married Julie. I attended Washington Bible College, where I graduated with a degree in Piano Performance. In my desire to know God’s word better, including the knowledge of the biblical languages, I continued my education in Capital Bible Seminary, where I completed the Master of Divinity program.

Shortly after, we moved to the Culpeper area. I taught ESL and Spanish in the public school. In the fall of 2004 we started meeting for church at a home in Reva. That was the beginning of Redeeming Grace Christian Fellowship, where we are glad to be serving. God has blessed us with five children.

Feel free to contact me: pastor@rgcf.net

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